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Medical Air Compressed Nebulizer/atomizer

Medical Air Compressed Nebulizer/atomizer

  • Package:Gift box
  • Model:LH-108
  • Specifications

    Compressed air atomizer for atomizing inhalation, use drug solution atomizer atomized into tiny particles by inhalation method

    Air Compressed Nebulizer. a device for nebulizing a liquid (see nebulize)


    product specifications:

    Power supply: AC220V/120V, 50Hz/60Hz


    Maximum instantaneous compression pump:>0.22Mpa
    Working Pressure:≥0.08 Mpa
    Free air compression pump flow:≥5.5L/min
    Atomizing rate:≥0.15ml/min
    Atomizing residue:≤1.4ml
    Atomization equivalent volume particle size distribution:
    The median diameter of aerosol particles 5±25%μm , Fog particles produced by the

    atomizer mist one mu m ~ 10 microns in diameter grain percentage is greater than 60%
    The atomizing cup drug capacity:8ml
    Maximum Use Temperature:10°C-40°C(41F—104F)
    Ambient Humidity:≤75%  RH
    Size: 298X180X108mm
    Weight: 1.8KGS


    To configure.

    Host --------1

    Adult mask ------1

    Children mask ----------1

    suction nozzle --------2

    Air filter ----------5

    Manual ------------1

    Power conversion plug --------1


    The use of atomizer,

    1 can make the drug quickly and directly to the diseased part, and direct contact with diseased tissue, from the oral or injection of blood, so fast.

    2 to achieve the best effect using the minimum dose, avoid reducing systemic medication, and drug side effects on the human body, this point is particularly important for children and the elderly.

    3 for influenza and other diseases, the atomizer using can obviously reduce the disease, shorten the course of disease.

    4 atomizer especially to relieve asthma effect quickly, is better than that of other treatments, even to save the patient's life in danger.


    Therefore, the atomizer has become the preferred home health products.


    Different compression atomizer with ultrasonic atomizer:

    1, the dosage of compression type high concentration, ultrasonic contrast, dosage, low concentration

    2 compression atomized particles small.

    3 compression type multiple medicine atomization, varieties of ultrasonic on drugs have limitations, can not spray some drugs

    4 compression type is easy to wash and disinfect, ultrasonic can not be washed

    5 compression type long service life, and ultrasonic short

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